the Atomic 3D studio is a contemporary two storey visualisation and animation ‘‘cracking‘‘ production house . . . designed with every detail in mind by the director himself . . . after all, green may well just be the new black !



Atomic - Interior Visualisations.png

interior visualization

Like any other creative process, an interior render requires a deep understanding of visual communication. Our high-end visualizations not only stand out in quality but also reflects our natural inspiration style, and thus communicates architecture. Your design and projects will be realized in close cooperation with us according to your wishes and ideas. As a result, each rendering we provide is unique. 

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Our animations and cinematic films are the ultimate add on for your marketing requirements. Our team of cinematographers, script writers, post production compositors and animation artists are capable of producing stunning 3d animations and films, where we can take the viewer on a journey into and through your project.

Atomic - Exterior Visualisations.png

exterior visualization

When selling an idea, the right visual is worth a thousand words. We’re breathing life to still images through a careful choice of composition, textures, colors, lighting, and overall feel. Exterior or aerial view 3D renderings - the goal of our photorealistic experience. CG imagery is to maximize the potential of your architectural designs.

Atomic - VR.png

immersive VR

Experiences are the new paradigm in visualizing architecture. Teleport your customers into fully interactive 3D environments, 360 views and virtual tours of rooms, floor plans, or whole buildings to let them experience any space first-hand.

Atomic - Furniture Modeling.png

product visualization

We can create 3D furniture & product models that offer detailed insights into how your products looks like, making sure that the design, texture, color, and the subtle contours of each requirement are appropriately replicated. Our 3D product renders and animations assist in portraying not only accurate representations of each product but also save significant costs from traditional photo shoots

Atomic - Photo Montage.png

photomontage of 3D and photography

Our photo montage solutions are compiled using high-resolution site and location photography. These images can either be supplied by yourselves, to the correct specifications, or can be created using our expert in-house photography team. If you choose to supply your own images, our specialists can advise you on the optimum way to secure the most effective shots.



Atomic 3D is a long established animation and architectural visualisation studio with 20 years of visualisation experience.

My team and I are consistently selected by the Australia’s top designers, real estate developers and advertising agencies to help make their projects come to life. Our expertise with Hollywood-style camera moves & visual effects allows us to assist many of our entertainment and corporate clients in visualising their products and environments.

The company was founded in 2000 by Scott Ballis who has a strong passion of mixing stunning interior design with enterprising architecture. The focus has always been to achieve a special blend between design and architecture with high quality photorealistic renders and cinematic animation. The award winning creative team at Atomic 3D are devoted to meeting the goals of our clients, creating succesful cutting-edge results and forming long-term client relationships.

With Atomic 3D there are virtually no limits to turning your ideas into reality.