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this is essential in reducing render costs - all our interiors are built from scratch but a quality architects building model saves time and money. we can take revit, archicad, autocad, microstation, rhino with sketchup being the hardest to implement
we'd love to know a bit more about your project and please include your shopping list of renders required
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please advise the visual project outcome you require so we can keep our quoting real and relevant . . . noting that the higher the budget level the greater the detail we put into 3d landscaping, 3d entourage and 3d styling !
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now we know its rude to put the cart before the horse but if you have an overall budget we need to hit or have an indicative cost per render . . . then fire away . . . we won't take any offence, we promise !
or is there a price per render we need to hit to make you smile :-]
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