Scott is the founder and managing director of Atomic 3D with over 25 years design industry experience in product design, architecture, interior design and 3D visualization. After receiving his Industrial Design degree in 1986, he designed consumer and engineering products for over 10 years in three of Melbourne's leading design consultancies. There he designed and project managed a vast range of products from intinal sketch concepts through to prototype model-making and engineering drawing production. Products included cellular phones for Telstra, office workstations for Steelcase, audio equipment for Cicena and explosive devices for ICI.

From 1996 - 2000 he formed an interior design studio within Tabcorp, specializing in interior design concepts and 3D visualization animations and was responsible for the redesign of many hotels, bars and gaming venues.

In the summer of 2000 he formed Atomic 3D, which has now grown to become Australia's leading boutique visualization studio with high end clients such as Colonial First State Global Asset Management, Urban Inc, Cornwell, The Buchan Group Architects and Digital Harbor.