Having directed and produced over a period of 6 years 3 successive and successful cinematic films for Chadstone Shopping Centre's Development team . . . the Atomic 3D film production team was tasked to create our most highly detailed 3D model of Stage 40 for the $580 million dollar centre major upgrade.

Previously lit at dusk we make the decision early on to go with a daylight lighting system and implement a fully revised and redeveloped 3D people animation system . . . coupled with our state of the art post production edit suites the final result is we feel quite an achievement especially so as we rendered over 5,000 frames of full HD animation in under 6 days on Atomic 3D's upgraded animation render farm.

Fast becoming the benchmark in architectural cinematic film making in Australia, Atomic 3D have fused cinematic film making with architectural animations . . . thru aerial filming, greenscreen studio work of talent, live action location shoots and state of the art 3D animation film techniques we can create truly immersive 3D visualisations.