harbourtown . . . is coming !

we pitched hard for this remarkable project, and against one of our fiercest multi-state competitors . . . and won ! . . . we won based on the extraordinary depth, commitment to budgets and time-frames, and on the professional quality of our 16 years in retail and hospitality marketing still renders and film work . . . and with having now completed an approximate 575 retail renders, 15 retail cinematic films and multiple virtual tours for . . .

  • chadstone shopping center
  • eastland shopping center
  • emporium melbourne
  • woodgrove plaza shopping center
  • hoppers crossing shopping center
  • werribee plaza shopping center
  • eden rise shopping center
  • greenvale shopping center
  • croyden shopping center

atomic 3d are the premium retail visionary specialists . . . so stay tuned for the eventual release of what we are and have produced for harbourtown docklands . . . 

westquay watermark london . . . takes atomic 3d international !

we were commissioned by a highly respected australian retail design specialist for her international english as in 'british' client to complete a series of highly visual and emotive still renders of a dining precinct in london . . . having only hand drawn sketches with supporting reference materials imagery for each tenancy the task was a 'mammoth' one to create what you now see . . . beautifully detailed retail design images.

eastland . . . a new begining

following on from the success of our 2014 Eastland cinematic film . . . atomic 3d was commissioned to populate the previously 'utopian' white visual look of all the new mall spaces with highly detailed shop front models and entourage.

using qic's stunning retail design guidelines as a base, the Atomic team designed and modelled approximately 250 individual shop fronts, complete with entourage, mannequins and lighting solutions . . .

eskimo design out of sydney created the soundtrack, introduction aerial and motion graphics sequences, whilst atomic 3d modelled, rendered, composited all 3d components and produced the final edit . . . the result we feel are to date our best retail shop front façades yet . . . we hope you agree . . .